Spa Detail Services

Check out our different offerings depending on your specific

automotive cleaing and detailing needs.

Exterior Detailing Services

Get the best auto detailing available from the dealership that sells the finest automobiles in the world. Auto detailing by skilled technicians using the best and trusted techniques, equipment and products to make your automobile shine like new. Don’t trust your car care to any other car detailing shop, for the best auto detailing in Columbus come to us. The difference is in our detail!

Hand Washing

Your vehicle is washed by hand using only sponges or soft cloths with no machine assistance at all.

Hand Car Wax

Wax applied by hand and buffed out to reveal an amazing shine

Tire and Fender Wells

We will clean the rubber outfacing sidewalls of your automobile tires and the fender wells surrounding the tire on your vehicle.

Wheels Hand Washed

Not all wheels can handle abrasive scrubbing or mechanical assisted removal of dirt, grime, and debris. We will hand wash your alloy wheels safely and thoroughly.

Engine Dressing

Removal of dirt, and debris from the engine compartment and on the engine itself. All protective plastic and engine covering are cleaned and protected.

Bug and Tar Removal

Removal of dirt, grime, insect carcasses and road tar from exterior body panels and bumpers.

Rubber & Vinyl Dressed

All exterior rubber and vinyl trim and accents dressed on your vehicle.

Clean Windows and Lenses

Cleaning of exterior glass and lenses used for rear view cameras and vehicle sensors.

Interior Detailing Services

Say goodbye to stains and odors, our interior detail will get your car or truck looking new again. We use mild and safe, factory recommended cleansers to get your interior cleaned, not caustic chemicals that will get you sick, fade your upholstery, carpeting or interior panels. Our interior detailing will leave your vehicle looking and smelling great.

Vacuuming of Interior

Dirt and debris removal from the carpets and upholstery of the interior of your automobile using our safe and powerful air suction hose.

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning of exterior and interior of glass including rear view mirrors, windshields and door windows.

Clean & Condition Leather

Clean and treat leather surfaces with recommended processes of the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Vacuuming of the Trunk Space

We remove dirt and debris from the rear (or front) vehicle cargo area using safe and strong air suction.

Instrument Panel

Cleaning of drivers instruments, gauge covers, navigation screens, Heat and A/C Controls etc. 

Steam Cleaning

Removal of stains and dirt through high-temperature steam from carpets, seats and upholstery.

Driver and Passenger Consoles

Cleaning of shifter, cup holders, arm rests and storage areas.

Other Services Offered

We offer other services to help repair and protect your car. Find out more by calling to schedule your appointment.

Headlight Resoration

We can remove the oxidation from your headlights. Bringing the illumination of the road back to its former glory.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Scratches, scrapes, dents, and dings can be repaired bringing your wheels back to their prime condition.

Paintless Dent Repair

We can try to smooth out and repair your automobile’s dents without you knowing there was ever a blemish in the first place.

Bumper Repair

Annoying dents, dings, scratches, and more can be repaired. Talk to us and we can come up with a repair solution that will work for you.

3M Clear Bra

Protect your vehicle from rocks, weather and abrasions with a 3M Clear Bra. See your advisor for details.


Find out how to get to us from your current location. We will work with you to find time to clean your ride with your schedule in mind.


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